How to Apply

IMPORTANT: Please Read The Following Before Downloading And Filling Out the Form

  1. Form must be completed in full, in block capitals and in black ink. You are required to submit all the relevant documents. Incomplete forms will not be dealt with.
  2. Any foreign address must be attached on a separate paper.
  3. Upon receipt of the completed form, the Sharee Council will contact the concerned parties as and when necessary.
  4. The Faskh al-Nikah (annulment of marriage) matter can take upto a maximum of six months however in certain circumstances a case can be prolonged.
  5. The reasons for Faskh al-Nikah (annulment of marriage) must be true; if found to be false the matter will be cancelled from our files.
  6. In the absence of your husbands contact address, please provide the address of next of kin or any person related to him.
  7. You must provide the correct address and information about your husband and yourself. Any changes in your husbands address or any other information while the case is in progress must be advised to the Sharee Council in writing.
  8. Please provide names and addresses of two witnesses who can be contacted if the Sharee Council feels the need.
  9. The Sharee Council will not get involved in resolving any financial or child custody issues.
  10. Please state whether a meeting between the parties was held for reconciliation, the date and who was it initiated by, and what the result was.
  11. If an agreement between the parties is made or you would like to terminate the case please inform the Sharee Council in writing, a phone call will not be acceptable.
  12. Once the case has been filed you are not entitled to a refund. To resume the case you will have to re-apply.
  13. If the cheque/postal order for £275 is not honoured you will incur £10 administration fee.
  14. Any verbal abuse towards the Sharee Council and the staff can result in your case being terminated.
  15. All correspondence is kept confidential. Hence the Sharee Council will not discuss your case with any third parties.
  16. If you have an injunction against the respondent preventing him from contacting you, then please notify us and provide copies of documents confirming this.
  17. The Sharee Council procedure is carried out according to the Quran and Sunnah.
  18. Please ensure that you have read and understood the Sharee Council Code of Practice.
  19. The completed application form with any accompanying documents is to be sent by post to: Sharee Council, Islamic Research Institute of GB, Thornhill Road, Dewsbury, WF12 9BX.

 Click here to download the Application Form